The Story Behind Our Home Fragrance Collection

I've had a passion for gorgeous home fragrances and scented candles for as long as I can remember.

Over the years, I've spent hours – and hundreds of pounds – searching for the perfect long-lasting, fragrant candle to scent my home.

After my daughter was born, I struggled to find an environmentally friendly alternative to the mass produced factory-made candles I'd been buying which produced soot and contained nasty chemicals.

By experimenting at home, I realised I could make a cleaner, more natural candle with a gorgeous strong scent that was safer for my family and the environment.

After almost a year of testing fragrances, wicks and waxes from my kitchen table, and making ‘test' candles for family and friends, I perfected my product and Bambu Candles Worcestershire was born in July 2018.

Our Products

As artisan makers, our eco-friendly, sustainable candles are hand-poured in small batches in our Worcestershire studio.

Every candle is made using 100% natural soy wax, with natural wicks made from pure spun cotton and paper. And we use only the finest quality fragrance oils for an excellent scent throw from the first to the last burn.

Handmade Violet Lily & Rose Room Spray
Handmade Spa Time Reed Diffuser
Handmade Fresh Linen Room Spray
Handmade spiced honey soy candle

The biodegradable and sustainable soy used in our candles means they have longer burning times than paraffin wax candles, a cooler burn temperature than other waxes and a cleaner burn.

All our candles have been fully tested, they're all CLP (Classification, Labelling & Packaging) compliant and we're fully insured.

The same love and care goes into making our contemporary reed diffusers and room sprays which contain the highest quality fragrances and ingredients to scent your home.

Our latest product and hugely popular essential oil pillow spray we just love. Made with 100% pure essential oils that aid relaxation, reduce stress and promote a restful night's sleep.

So, from my home to yours, you can rest assured you're in safe hands when you buy a Bambu Candles Worcestershire product.

Our artisan candles and home fragrances are hand-made in our Worcestershire studio.
In the beginning. My first craft fair.
Suzanne x
Suzanne Felton, Founder of Bambu Candles